A Division Schedule


DAY              DATE             TIME               HOME        vs.          AWAY                GAME TYPE

Wednesday     June 28th           8:30PM        Winston Selects 12   vs.      Ice Dawgs 3               Regular Season

Wednesday     June 28th         10:10PM      Rockland Flamingos 5  vs.     ABF 17                       Regular Season

Thursday        June 29th           8:30PM           ABF 8                    vs.    Mr. K's 7                     Regular Season

Thursday        June 29th         10:10PM           Pearl River 6           vs.    Labatt's Boozers 4       Regular Season

Wednesday     July 5th              8:30PM            Ice Dawgs           vs.        ABF                          Regular Season

Wednesday     July 5th            10:10PM         Winston Selects       vs.        Labatt's Boozers        Regular Season

Thursday        July 6th              8:30PM             Pearl River           vs.       Winston Selects         Regular Season

Thursday        July 6th            10:10PM             Mr. K's                vs.       Rockland Flamingos    Regular Season

Monday          July 10th          10:10PM             Pearl River          vs.        Mr. K's                      Regular Season

Wednesday     July 12th           8:30PM             Labatt's Boozers   vs.        Ice Dawgs                 Regular Season

Wednesday     July 12th          10:10PM            Winston Selects    vs.       Rockland Flamingos     Regular Season

Thursday        July 13th          10:10PM             ABF                    vs.       Labatt's Boozers          Regular Season

Monday          July 17th          10:10PM             Labatt's Boozers   vs.       Ice Dawgs                  Regular Season

Wednesday     July 19th           8:30PM              Mr. K's                 vs.      Winston Selects           Regular Season

Wednesday     July 19th         10:10PM          Rockland Flamingos   vs.      ABF                            Regular Season

Thursday        July 20th         10:10PM               Ice Dawgs           vs.      Pearl River                  Regular Season

Monday          July 24th         10:10PM              Winston Selects     vs.      Mr. K's                       Regular Season

Wednesday     July 26th           8:30PM              Labatt's Boozers    vs.      Rockland Flamingos     Regular Season

Wednesday     July 26th         10:10PM              Ice Dawgs            vs.       Mr. K's                       Regular Season

Thursday        July 27th         10:10PM              Pearl River            vs.       ABF                           Regular Season

Monday          July 31st          10:10PM              Mr. K's                 vs.       Labatt's Boozers          Regular Season

Wednesday     August 2nd        8:30PM              Ice Dawgs            vs.      Rockland Flamingos      Regular Season

Wednesday     August 2nd      10:10PM              ABF                     vs.       Winston Selects           Regular Season

Thursday        August 3rd       10:10PM           Rockland Flamingos  vs.      Pearl River                   Regular Season

Monday          August 7th       10:10PM           Winston Selects        vs.      Pearl River                   Regular Season

Wednesday     August 9th        8:30PM              ABF                      vs.       Labatt's Boozers           Regular Season

Wednesday     August 9th       10:10PM           Rockland Flamingos  vs.       Ice Dawgs                   Regular Season

Thursday        August 10th      10:10PM             Mr. K's                  vs.       Pearl River                   Regular Season

Monday          August 14th      10:10PM             ABF                      vs.       Ice Dawgs                   Regular Season

Wednesday     August 16th       8:30PM           Rockland Flamingos   vs.      Winston Selects            Regular Season

Wednesday     August 16th      10:10PM             Labatt's Boozers     vs.       Mr. K's                        Regular Season

Thursday        August 17th      10:10PM             Pearl River             vs.       ABF                            Regular Season

Monday          August 21st       10:10PM             Ice Dawgs             vs.       Winston Selects           Regular Season

Wednesday     August 23rd        8:30PM             Labatt's Boozers     vs.       Pearl River                  Regular Season

Wednesday     August 23rd       10:10PM             Mr. K's                 vs.        Rockland Flamingos     Regular Season

Thursday        August 24th        8:30PM             #2                       vs.       #7                              Playoffs

Thursday        August 24th       10:10PM            #3                       vs.        #6                              Playoffs

Monday          August 28th       10:10PM             #4                       vs.       #5                              Playoffs

Wednesday     August 30th        8:30PM             #1                       vs.   Lowest seed to advance     Playoffs

Wednesday     August 30th       10:10PM       Highest to from advance from prelim     vs.        2nd Highest to advance from prelim.  Playoffs

Wednesday     September 6th   10:10PM            Championship        vs.     Game                  Championship Game

* Teams will play 10 regular season games and at least one playoff game.

* Games consist of three 15-minute periods.

* 5 minute sudden death OT (5 on 5) in regular season, followed by 3-man shootout if necessary.

* OT period becomes 10 minutes in the playoffs.

* If there's an 8-goal differential in the 3rd period, there will be running clock.

* Players must play in at least 3 games to qualify for playoffs.

* Players must print their name and jersey # on the score sheet before each game.

* Forfeits will result in a 3-0 loss.

* Rosters freeze after the 7th game.

* Fighting majors will result in at least a two game suspension, after review.

* Schedule is subject to change.

* Standings determined by most points.

* Tie-breakers: 1)Most wins .  2) Head-to-Head.  3) Best goal differential.  4) Fewest goals against. 

B Division Schedule

DAY              DATE             TIME               HOME        vs.          AWAY                GAME TYPE

    Monday         June 19th       9:30PM      Gold's Gym 7    vs.        Terminal 4           Regular Season

    Tuesday        June 20th       8:45PM       Winstons 6      vs.         Badgers 2           Regular Season

    Tuesday        June 20th       10:10PM      Sting 8            vs.        Rhinos 7             Regular Season

    Monday         June 26th       8:30PM        Sting 7            vs.        Winstons 2         Regular Season

    Tuesday        June 27th       8:30PM        Rhinos 5          vs.        Terminal 2          Regular Season

    Tuesday        June 27th       10:10PM      Gold's Gym 3    vs.        Badgers 7           Regular Season

    Wednesday    July 5th         10:10PM          Sting             vs.        Terminal            Regular Season

    Monday         July 10th        8:30PM           Gold's Gym     vs.       Winston             Regular Season

    Monday         July 10th        10:10PM         Terminal         vs.        Badgers            Regular Season

    Tuesday        July 11th         8:30PM          Rhinos            vs.       Winstons            Regular Season

    Tuesday        July 11th        10:10PM          Gold's Gym     vs.       Sting                 Regular Season

    Monday         July 17th         8:30PM          Winstons        vs.        Terminal           Regular Season

    Monday         July 17th        10:10PM         Rhinos            vs.        Badgers            Regular Season

    Tuesday        July 18th          8:30PM          Rhinos           vs.        Gold's Gym       Regular Season

    Tuesday        July 18th         10:10PM         Badgers          vs.        Sting                Regular Season

    Monday         July 24th          8:30PM          Terminal        vs.         Sting                Regular Season

    Tuesday        July 25th          8:30PM          Badgers         vs.         Rhinos             Regular Season

    Tuesday        July 25th         10:10PM         Winstons        vs.         Gold's Gym       Regular Season

    Monday         July 31st           8:30PM         Terminal         vs.        Gold's Gym       Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 1st         8:30PM         Badgers          vs.        Winstons          Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 1st        10:10PM         Rhinos            vs.        Sting               Regular Season

    Monday         August 7th         8:30PM         Badgers          vs.        Gold's Gym      Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 8th         8:30PM         Terminal         vs.         Rhinos            Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 8th        10:10PM         Winstons        vs.         Sting              Regular Season

    Monday         August 14th       8:30PM          Badgers          vs.        Terminal         Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 15th       8:30PM          Winstons         vs.        Rhinos            Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 15th       10:10PM        Sting               vs.        Gold's Gym     Regular Season

    Monday         August 21st        8:30PM         Terminal          vs.        Winstons        Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 22nd       8:30PM         Sting                vs.        Badgers         Regular Season

    Tuesday        August 22nd       10:10PM        Gold's Gym      vs.         Rhinos          Regular Season

    Monday         August 28th        8:30PM         #3                   vs.        #6                          Playoffs

    Monday         August 28th        10:10PM        #4                  vs.         #5                         Playoffs

    Tuesday        August 29th         8:30PM         #1                  vs.    Lowest to Advance        Playoffs

    Tuesday        August 29th         10:10PM        #2                 vs.    Highest to Advance       Playoffs

    Tuesday        September 5th     10:10PM        Championship  Game                                  Playoffs

    * Teams will play 10 regular season games and at least one playoff game.

    * Games consist of three 15-minute periods.

    * 5 minute sudden death OT (5 on 5) in regular season, followed by a 3 man shootout if needed.

    * OT period becomes 10 minutes in playoffs.

    * If there's an 8 goal differential in the 3rd period, there will be running clock.

    * Players must play at least 3 regular season games to qualify for playoffs.

    * Players must print their name and jersey # on score sheet before each game.

    * Forfeits will result in a 3-0 loss.

    * Rosters freeze after 7th game.

    * Fighting majors will result in at least a two-game suspension, after league review.

    * Schedule is subject to change.

    * Standings determined by most points.

    * Tie Breakers: 1) Most Wins. 2) Head to Head. 3) Best goal differential. 4) Fewest goals against.













TEAM                     WINS   LOSSES  OTL   POINTS   GF      GA     GOAL DIFF. 

          ABF                          2            0        0        4          25      12         13

          Winston Selects         1            0        0        2          12       3           9

          Pearl River                1            0        0        2           6        4           2  

          Labatt's Boozers        0            1        0        0           4        6          -2

          Mr. K's                      0            1        0        0           7        8          -1

          Ice Dawgs                 0            1        0        0           3       12         -9  

          R. Flamingos              0            1        0        0           5       17        -12            



TEAM                    WINS   LOSSES  OTL   POINTS    GF      GA    GOAL DIFF. 

          Sting                         2          0         0          4          15      9          6                 

          Badgers                     1          1         0          2           9       9          0             

          Winstons                    1          1         0          2           8       9         -1

          Rhinos                       1          1         0          2          12     10          2

          Gold's Gym                 1          1         0          2          10     11         -1

          Terminal                     0          2         0          0           6     12         -6